Judging Jilly…

Life has a way of always teaching me compassion the moment I start to judge someone. For instance, it is easy for me to judge something horrific… like murder.

Yet…someone rides too close to my bumper and I want to hit my brakes in rage… Possibly causing an accident. I realize “Oh that’s the feeling.”

Just enough of a glimpse of an emotion to remind myself everyone is human. It’s those moments when I’m grateful that I have the support and the mental and moral fortitude to give the one finger salute and move to the middle lane.

Kevin and I had a whirlwind dating adventure. We connected quickly and moved even quicker. Although both of us kept saying that we weren’t ready for commitment we were exclusive after the second date. I talked about how many dates we had gone on and the frequency before. It was a lot and often.

Then one night I had a panic moment when I realized I am not ready to be in a relationship. It was too much too fast. I thought back to how Jack felt after our first couple of dates when I started pressuring him. The time when he “ghosted” me. It was something I didn’t understand before and honestly judged him for.

The only difference now was that the speed and frequency was the pressure… not the people. Kevin felt the same way I did. The spark had started to fade and we realized we were too different. It was the most amicable and sweet break up conversation. It was nice to naturally both feel the same way and not be blindsided. I would only hope every break up will be like that in my life. While I am bummed I’m am not sad. It was the right thing to do, for now, while I figure things out.

I’m going to take this time and just enjoy dating. Go deliberately very slow. It is clear I am still moving on from Jack and while it has gotten a heck of a lot better it is not gone. Yes, in case you’re wondering, I feel like a total weirdo that I still have sad moments. He moved on months ago and is happy. Then here I am, a smart, independent, logical woman that still has what my kid calls “Jack moments.” It can be a little annoying to say the least.

I’m not worried though. It is getting better and the time with Kevin proved to me that there is light and love on the other end. It was just enough of a glimpse of a feeling to not judge myself for still caring and holding on. I am allowed to love and allowed to move on. Afterall, that’s the hardest person for me not to judge… Myself.

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  1. I realize how you feel, I also relate to this! I have early attachment to nice men, I don’t always have similar interests so in the past I used to start liking hockey, tried kayaking, even golf which I am horrible at.
    It was a great post, Jilly. We are kind, thoughtful people (years apart) and may try “too hard” to please others.
    I am following you, hope to learn how to be single once again. It’s like the “Groundhog’s Day” movie! 🐹

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