I’m confident-I’ve got this

Every yoga class the teacher offers the option of setting an intention for my yoga practice. In my previous blog I wrote my intention of peace and the power it brought to me that evening. The mood in the room that night was serious, the light was dim and the music was calm ohms with beat.

The next yoga class after that, I was having a rough day and determined my intention that night was happy. I needed to have fun and just get my mind off of things. I started with setting up my mat. It was pin quiet in the room and yet my new mat was really squeaky, my water bottle extra slurpy, and I dropped my bag really loudly. I felt like a toddler in church without snacks or a leash.

The teacher joined the room that night and was clearly new and really bubbly. She stumbled through the poses and often mid pose we would all start laughing. There was one minute when she was demoing the crow pose. She looked at the guy in the room and said “This isn’t for you because you have a bad elbow”.

The guy laughed and confirmed. The lady next to him said “Yeah I have a bad wrist so I’m out.”

I ended with “I have zero balance and like my face so…Yeah.”

The yoga teacher laughed and we all moved to downward dog.

At the end of the class I was so grateful and was smiling as I was packing up. The guy next to me leaned over and asked if I wanted his mat spray. (No innuendo in his tone) He said “It will clean your mat and make it smell good!”

I took it and sprayed down my mat. He was telling the truth…it smelled like lilacs. Mmmmm… When I was handing it back I said “do you have anything for my pits?” (What can I say I was in a fun mood?! My intention worked!)

He laughed and started looking through his bag and said he thought he did. I packed my bags with a big smile and walked out with my friend.

So let’s fast forward to tonight and my class. I came in class with no pre-intention. I walked in and the normally spacious room was busy and crowded. There was a space next to my friend but the length of my mat would hit the top of the other mats in front of us. I placed my mat at the very end of the mats and rightnext to a lamp… Liability already.

So just as it’s about to start the teacher says “We are going to give it a few minutes for two more to join.” I lay down, breathe and determine my intention. CONFIDENCE.

I was going to remain confident and try my best. It was going to be my night! I’m not going to hit the lamp or miss and hit the wall. I’ve got this!

The two new members come in a little late. They are legit a great looking power couple. Gorgeous and young. Beyond physically fit and yoga experts.

They survey the room for the best lighting for their beautiful frames and place their mats right in between my friend and I. The great looking guy is so close I realize any big stretches I’ll make contact…

The supermodels get settled in and we began actually setting our intention. I close my eyes and did my official breathing exercises. Breathe in my nose and out my mouth. I put my hands on my chest feeling my breath. Focusing on my energy and my thoughts:

“I am confident – I’ve got this”

I start to hear someone else breathing… This time on my other side away from the hottie! I peak out of the side of my eye and see a woman with a large neon puffer coat sitting in a metal chair about 3 feet from me. This woman I instantly identify.

This woman is the owner of the studio… Beautiful… Yoga ready… also my ex-husband’s ex-girlfriend…

I’m breathing in and out and start to laugh. I have the giggles and can barely keep it in. I know she hears me because she’s so close she could hear me shift my non yoga body on my new squeaky mat. She seems annoyed. I know she doesn’t know who I am.

Throughout the yoga I keep my confidence in my mind. Hottie on the right and yoga teacher on the left. Through my heavy breathing, trembling legs, wavering tree, and sucked in stomach…

“I am confident- I got this!”

After the class I realize something. That was the perfect lesson for me in confidence. That’s exactly what I needed. I’m not sure if the universe is looking out for me or if I’m viewing the universe in my lessons but I pretty much love it!

Here I am at home after yoga class… I’m confident – I’ve got this 😍💜

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