I felt like I needed to do an update, not like out of obligation, but to clear my mind a bit. I have been getting asked a lot about Jack and how we have been.

I hate to say it but things ended with Jack in typical Jack fashion… without any explanation…he ghosted me… again.

I had read a horoscope that said I should show my relationships appreciation. I immediately thought of Jack.

I texted Jack a few sentence grateful text and he just never replied. Like ever. It was a lot of texts until that point. Like a lot.

I would love to say that I had this big ah ha and this angry moment where I told him off, blocked his number and never to hear from him again! However, the truth is the anger came for a moment…

Then the anger left and I was just kind of done. Yes bummed. I had hoped for something else. But the emotion left just like that. 3 years of certainty and mixed emotions and then I realized “I need to move on”.

I have no idea what that means for any future interactions with Jack. I didn’t block him, didn’t remove him from Social and really don’t plan on it. I have decided that I will look at him like a friend from a class in high school. I am glad to see he’s doing well and will occasionally throw a like his way. However he’s no longer a part of my life. We had a moment a long time ago that I will always be grateful for, but that is no longer who he is or I am. That’s a good thing, it’s progress.

I will say I do think it is really shitty that he did it by ghosting. I will never understand how anyone that pretends like they care can be so careless with someone else’s feelings. Yes, I can admit it was too strong for too long. It was unreasonable.

I just know other guys and women that ghost. Unless there is safety involved there is no reason why a person can’t be honest with someone. Yes it is hard and scary, but so is life. Don’t be a coward!

K – maybe a little anger shows up here and there. What can I say?! It’s who I am 😜

I also have 2 dates planned this weekend and 1 next week. I’ll have a lot to write about then. Can’t wait!




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