Is Two Really Better than One…

Now I know it has been at least 10 years since I’ve written my last blog… so you’re going to get a special treat. My two dates in one day story..

Date #1

One of my biggest pet peeves in online dating is the guy who wants to text and text and never meet. I had 2 pen pals growing up… one was from Japan and one was another Mormon from Utah. I enjoyed both of those experiences and learned a lot. However, this is not my desire in dating. If after a week of chatting there is no mention of a date then I’m out of there.

So, I say this because I had just begun chatting with this guy on Tinder. He was a nice guy and I could tell instantly that he was a little nerdy. Now, this is something I actually enjoy because I’m a pretty big dork. Not in a comic book way (although in my previous life I have dabbled quite a bit in PC games) but in a I don’t care what people think way…  I’ll dance in the aisles and sing in grocery stores.

So the guy on Tinder had been talking to me for a day.  So when he gave me a text asking to hang out that afternoon at a busy local park I said Yes. I knew I had a date later that night and I figured it was a quick way to determine chemistry. There would be no money involved so I don’t have to feel bad going out to dinner with him and then determining no chemistry.

On my way to the park I stopped and got us Tropical Smoothie. I thought it would be a nice surprise and would be a perfect addition to our park date. We met at the park and I knew almost instantly he was not for me. He was very nice and had a nice smile but I just didn’t feel that woo hoo chemistry.

He was grateful for the Tropical Smoothie and seemed happy I got it. I was pretty impressed that I picked a flavor he liked considering that I had talked to him all of 2 days.


We talked for about an hour and walked around the park. He was into gaming (more than I was) and played more in life Role Playing Games with figurines and stuff. Nothing wrong with that but not a common interest that I can join. While we are talking there were a lot of people around us also enjoying the park on a gorgeous day. One of the couples there clearly were not there to just chat and I’m guessing were not in a committed relationship… with each other. I mean I could be wrong but I would put money on it at the same time.

LL- You know when a date is not going in a romantic direction when you’re chatting more about how grabby the other couple in the car is being then wanting to grabby on each other. 

Well as to be expected the date ends in one of those awkward Jill hugs and a good bye. Unfortunately, he enjoyed our time together in a chemistry way and wanted to go out again. I would love to say I said “Oh I’m sorry I am just not feeling the chemistry but I wish you the best of luck” instead I said “Uh yeah sure” then told him over text a little later. This moment is still tough for me.. truth.

Date #2

So date number 2 that night was actually a second date with a guy (ironic right). We’ll say his name was Romeo. The first date was awesome! We had dinner at O’Charleys and laughed and chatted the whole time. He had a great job and throughout the whole date I kept thinking “this is a guy that would fit in perfectly with my family!” He even had his work badge on and had some of the concepts that we learn at my work. This part of the date was amazing!

Well then at the end of the date he asked me if I wanted to go over to his house to play Mortal Kombat X. This was something that we had talked about both enjoying in our text messages. I had said No because I don’t go back to a guy’s house on the first date (lesson learned with waffle house guy) but I would do a rain check for the next date.

He definitely seemed a little turned off that I said No and the chemistry that I felt during the date quickly ended. I figured I had just hurt his feelings and let it lie. Well this guy did not text me immediately after the date like the ones I know we hit it off with do. Instead he texted me a few days later. The chemistry definitely was strained but I figured that a second date could help with that. Remember this was a guy who would fit in with my family so worth it!

We decided to go out in a week. We talked about going to his place for Mortal Kombat and pizza. I was legit pumped for this date! I had played this game at my kid’s birthday party and absolutely loved it!

Mortal Kombat.png
Watch it Here… Fave Clueless Gamer EVER

So that night I message him and ask for his address. He gives it to me and we decide on a time. I have trouble finding his apartment but he finally steps outside and helps. (Not a gentleman by any means) Romeo then greets me at the door wearing a pair of gym shorts and a polo. Clearly he just came home and switched his pants out. Not the best look but I wear hoodies so who am I to judge?

He then takes me on the balcony and his music is playing loudly. I can barely hear him over the music. He says really obnoxiously to me “I forgot we even had a date until you texted me” and I replied “Oh that’s okay, you’re my second date of today.” Yeah I’m not going to say my finest moment but I was about done at that point and I am pretty quick when need be.

We then walk back into his apartment and he begins to play the guitar and sing. The whole thing is just beyond awkward. Now I’m not going to say that I am a dynamite singer by any means, but I’m also not whipping out my chops on date. I am nice to him and let him know that I knew that he was learning and that he was doing a good job. (He kept saying he was learning).

Well then its time for the reason I came there… to bond with a great guy in gym shorts? No that ship had passed… it was to play Mortal Kombat. We played for a while and he kicked my trash. I mean royally kicked my butt. He was really good and I was not. I’m a good button masher but not good enough to beat him. The only round I won was where I was able to pin him to the side and kick him in the shins until he died. But there was one thing that I rocked at and that was trash talk. I mean I was trash talking before trash talking was even cool.

So, after the game we decide to play another trivia game. Now this game I really did rock at. I mean I mopped the floor with him. Now, that is surprising because at this time I was STARVING. All I had was the Tropical Smoothie that day. So when he asked if I wanted to go get milkshakes I was in for sure.

As we’re driving Romeo is legit singing along with every song that played. Now normally that’s a great thing! I mean who doesn’t like singing? But, if I tried to sing along he would change the song and if I wanted to ask him a question he would turn up the radio louder. I didn’t even know what to think about this date. So we pull into Wendy’s and he looks over and says “What flavor of frosty do you want?” I’m starving by this point but figure okay well he only wants to get frostys. I don’t expect anything from anyone and I knew I forgot my credit card at the apartment so  I couldn’t offer to buy myself anything else.I said chocolate and he ordered 2 small frostys.  He then continues to order and orders himself an ENTIRE MEAL. I am stunned and am thinking Golly Geez I would always say “do you want anything else?” to anyone in my car. I knew I would order off the dollar menu not order a biggie meal. LL- Bring your own credit card even to quick run to get milkshakes. 

We then we arrive back at his place. I eat the frosty and leave pretty quickly after that. It was the last time I talked with Romeo and while he always said that if things didn’t work out for us he wanted feedback as to why… he never messaged me again. Hopefully, he’ll get to read this blog…


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