Blinded me with Science…

So I was on a date with a guy named Andrew* yesterday and he said “My dating you is an experiment. I want to see about dating an older woman.”

I laughed and said “Oh I’m an experiment then?” He laughed and clarified.

So per his comment I’m going to take this relationship through a proven method… the scientific method.

Looking for official SM use Google… not a blog.


Can I find love with a guy almost 10 years younger than me?


The Facts

  • Andrew and I met in a karaoke bar… yes a bar. Not online, dating site or right swipe. This was the first guy post divorce I met this way… that has asked me out in real life. His table of friends were right next to my table of friends. I heard him mention “Bodak Yellow” one of my favorite karaoke songs and I said something. That resulted in a hug, picture together and a lot of talking.
  • He actively pursued me that night… normally cougars do the hunting 😂
  • He’s almost 10 years younger than me. The youngest man I have been interested in dating. He’s a baby cub. Rawr!


I will find a relationship with a younger man that will last longer than a few months and may be longer.


Dating Experiment

  • We had our first date the very next day after our meeting! He messaged me that night to make sure I got home and we planned the date then. I was very nervous if you can’t tell from my Facebook live video…
  • He showed up and looked just like I had remembered! His laugh and kind view of life made me realize that beer goggles had done me right the night before.
  • We have known each other for 12 days and have had several dates. The last one was coffee and antique shopping in his hometown. At times, he held my hand while we walked and snuck in kisses. Other dates were a homemade dinner and night in at my house and open mic comedy night with my friends. So much fun!

Communication Experiment

  • Andrew texts me throughout the day everyday.
  • We talk on the phone almost everyday
  • We plan dates a while in advance or a last minute get together
  • He remembers things about my day and is genuinely interested when I talk. Consequently I have learned I need to learn to listen better.

Commitment Experiment

  • Andrew has had the same good job for 8 years
  • He owns his own home
  • Keeps in touch with his family and I even heard him tell his dad about me… what what!
  • My dogs like him a lot… almost better than me. Dogs can sense a kind heart.
  • We are now exclusive! Yep, 12 days in and I’m signing up to be exclusive. No pressure just not looking right now. It is nice!
  • A few weeks ago (before Andrew), I was talking with a new guy from Bumble. He was attractive and the conversation was consistent over several days, thoughtful and friendly. He was promising but not fully on the radar. After a few days he sent me an unremarkable question and before my lunch break, I answered but got no reply.
  • Later that night I messaged him. He said:
  • Sorry I thought I replied back but kind of glad I didn’t. I went on a first date and she seems promising. I’m going to give this a chance before messaging more women.

  • My mind was blown and I was inspired. He had the courage to give time to just one woman, after one date. That’s the man I wanted in my life. Then a few days later I meet Andrew.

  • So not ready to make a conclusion… just yet! I’m thoroughly enjoying getting to know him and seeing where this will go. I think it is an interesting experiment both of us are trying for the first time…. we will see how this turns out! Don’t worry I’ll let you guys know the Scientific Conclusion 😘
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