The Scientific Conclusion

So as it turns out my hypothesis was…


For those that missed my previous article (it is okay it happens 😉) here was my hypothesis…

I will find a relationship with a younger man that will last longer than a few months and may be longer.

My relationship with Andrew* has come to an end, before a few months. I can’t say definitively the hypothesis has failed though because my next relationship could be with another baby cub. I have found age matters less than I thought.

Since my run in with Jack*, I have had many examples with guys where have had to hold firm on what I think is acceptable. This is something that I have struggled with before. This has come with more confidence and clarity on what I want. I am also more comfortable in wanting a relationship instead of needing one.

This past relationship with Andrew* was another example. Unfortunately we disagreed on friendship guidelines with the opposite sex.

Tip: This is a conversation that’s a good one to have when you are starting to date someone. It is a very gray topic and typically brings up feelings from past relationships.

I know the conversation with Andrew* took me back to a relationship that I had outgrew.

We both have very strong opinions about what was acceptable and it was clear we weren’t going to come to a compromise. So he ended the relationship and I agreed. We have messaged since then and all positive things.

You all know I’m grateful for my adventures…

In other fun news, High School crush guy (HSCG) is back! Yep and now gone again. I got a hug and a small chat when I saw him. Now before anyone gets all judgey, I call him HSCG because I have an aww he’s hot crush! So Judgey Judy, think about how hot you feel when you see David Beckham in an underwear ad? You have just about the same chance of dating Mr. Beckham as I do HSCG.

So calm down on the “Oh my goodness you enjoyed looking at another man and giving him a hug when dating someone?”

I shot my shot a long time ago and I was told no very nicely. So now I can just enjoy the view and the convos. I’m comfortable in my intentions while in a relationship.

So I’m not sure what I’m going to do next when it comes to dating. I am probably going to just let things lay for a while. I have a lot going on personally. This list includes a medical situation where I need a very non-fun test next week.

Don’t worry though if you loved my other medical experience article, about my IUD, then you’ll love the next one I’m writing afterward…

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