1. You’re absolutely right that online dating is a Racket stacked for the men. Back in my days people were aghast at catalogs for men to pick a foreign bride and here we are 2-3 decades later, no marriage, just a good time…for them. Still picking on women’s looks. They have it so damn easy and still make no effort of anything. I think you’re smart. You can’t fall in love with a photo, but you can fall in love instantly with a woman entering the room. I know it’s true because I’ve been married for 30 years and that’s how it happened with my husband. It’s not a face in a pic, it’s how they walk, they move, their perfume, a smile- I don’t care people say it doesn’t happen anymore. That’s bullshit. People just stopped trying and chose the comfort of swiping from the couch wearing sweats or boxing shorts with a wine or beer in their hand. I think you’re SMART. (And my story happened to my cousin, who was 38 years old, at her Catholic Church parking lot. He was a pilot on a layover who went to Mass two Sundays in a row and on the second asked her out). They’ve been married 6 years and have a sweet little boy. It still happens! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! (Long time reader, first time posting)

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    • Aww thank you so much! I love your story and your cousins! I know my guy is out there it will happen someday… side note I think the idea of catalog shopping for a bride is hilarious 😂 thanks for reading and for commenting ❤️


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