What do I say?!?

These stories are like the horrible singer on American Idol… you want to look away but just can’t.

So I’ve become very comfortable going on first dates. I hardly  get nervous anymore (big leap from my first first date) and I know how to get ready fairly quickly. My girlfriend gave me the best advice “Just know that all you’re doing is meeting someone new”. This really helped me learn to just relax and take the pressure off my dates. Now I say that knowing that sometimes I say completely inappropriate things during this small talk but that’s kind of me 😉

I have been very lucky because online dating has worked out for me. I have met great guys and while I haven’t found the “one” yet I’ve met a lot of prospects. It was the other day when I downloaded an app called Happn that I had an epiphany.  For my married readers or readers who are single not trying all the online dating apps I do… this app uses your exact location to determine when you get within a certain number of feet from a user that meets your age range. I laughed at this idea! I mean really?! Am I looking at my phone to see if I cross paths with an eligible bachelor? Why not just look up? Then as I passed by a cute guy and immediately checked my app I realized I was one of those people 😉

Actual screenshot from one of my matches

Now there is a very good reason why I’m this person. I have a certain mode I enter in if I am unsure if a guy likes me…

First Example:

Last Fall my girlfriends and I did a 4k Tap and Run. We rented a hotel room and took the trolley to Newport Kentucky to pregame for the run. We had a great dinner at Dick’s Last Resort. in case you were wondering my hat said”I wish my Vag had a reset button”… not true…then.

We may have even had a few more drinks before the race started. I mean it was one of those nights where traditional mom drinking limits I put on myself weren’t in play.

So the race began! We stayed with the walkers and made sure to make the most out of the Tap stops along the path. We may or may not have went through the beer line stops multiple times to get the most out of our registration fee 🙂

So when we got to the last beer run our better judgment had gone the way of that hat… in the trashcan. So this random cute guy came up to us and offered us a cookie out of this bear shaped container. Now if I hadn’t consumed half my weight in alcohol I would have said no… but well the judgement. So being hungry I took a handful and began to eat them. Now this isn’t a lesson in drinking in moderation  (although maybe it should be).


The rest of the walk it becomes a hot topic of conversation. So after the walk (and a few more beers at the Oktoberfest where the run ended) we ended up at the small bar across the street.

Along comes a VERY attractive guy to the table. The two women I am with have found the loves of their lives so I am the one that chats with the guy the most. He stands at the table for a while and of course I bring up the cookies.  He starts to laugh and comes back… with the “roofie cookies” (what we ended up calling them). He assures us they were safe and a way his buddy has found to hit on girls during these events. Genius buddy.. genuis. *high five*

The guy is with a large group of friends that are inside the bar, yet continues to talk with me outside. I really start to think “man this guy is hot” and start to even flirt a while. He ends up going inside and I see him leave with his buddies. I am bummed! I kept thinking “dang it I should have tried to get his number or something”. But i move on and focus on my good friends that were there with me 🙂

About 30 minutes later, in a surprise move I didn’t see coming, I see the cute guy walk back outside. He is coming my way… Ooo. (cue Salt & Pepper because that line makes me think of Shoop). He said he decided to come back to the bar with one of his friends. After while of chatting,  he goes inside to get another drink. I realize how many times he’s come outside to chat with me so I head to the bathroom… well it was more I had to pee but it was convenient. So I stop over and chat with him and his smaller group of friends. His friends tell me all about him and he even puts his arm around me. Again this guy is HOT!

So it’s the end of the night and it’s time to go. My girlfriends come inside to get me and we begin our goodbyes. I give him a hug and again admire how cute he is! Then one of my girlfriends (being a great wingwoman) said “You guys should exchange numbers or something” and he gets out his phone… I mean it’s time. Do I give him my number? Do I take his phone and put my number in it? Do I do a little flirty wink?

No… No… No… I said “Umm no he doesn’t have to do that” and panic and leave… YEP BLEW IT! I mean this guy was giving me all the signals and I panic. I immediately regret it as we’re walking back. Immediately… Oh Colin was beyond hot! Someday hopefully I run into him again. I’m hoping at the next Newport tap & run…

Second Example:

I’m at Barnes and Nobles trying to spend a gift card I got as a gift. I see this really cute guy that keeps looking at me. I smile at him and he smiles back when we make eye contact. I stand by a section of books and he circles.

It was one of those moments when you see the shark circle the small baby seal. The circle and the circle. Finally he walks right over and stands right next to me and looks at the books. I can literally smell his cologne. I can feel that awkward moment when someone should say something and I panic! Instead I stand there for a minute looking at dating books and he walks away.

Third Example:

Standing at a concert with a really hot guy! Now this guy is beyond out of my league but I get enough nerve to chat with him. The conversation starts out with “Yeah this may sound like a  pick up line.. but I promise it is not” Yeah again a total panic! Could have said the exact same thing without that introduction to at least give myself a chance.

So my Lesson Learned… take the pressure off of myself in those scenarios. I mean after all I’m just meeting someone. I’m not vetting them out to be my future soulmate… that’ll come with the guy who pushes through these awkward moments! 





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