Yes And…

So as I had said in my last blog my dating account has been pretty busy. One of the guys I was talking to is a really cute guy named Easton. He is in the tech world and is also taking improv classes.

After a few days of messaging on the app we started texting. I was really impressed with his messages both on the app and on the phone. There wasn’t a single just “throw away” message. Each one was thoughtful and complete. I kept thinking “Dang this guy is super nice.”

No the “nice guy” line isn’t a death to a chance of a future relationship. I actually want that and all the guys I’ve gone on more than two dates with have been just that. As a matter of fact, the guys that have told me that women aren’t attracted to them because they are “nice” are typically just annoying. Most of the time it is because of their negative victim mentality on their dating and frankly non dating life.

Too whiny… Not too nice

So back to Easton. He and I planned on meeting at a Mexican restaurant midway between our cities. I can say once again… I was incredibly nervous. It is so funny how I used to be so confident and now my stomach is filled with June bugs. These are on my mind because they are swarming my front door this year for some reason…. Gross.

Anyway, I pulled into the restaurant, took a few breaths and walked in.

Easton looked just like his profile pics. He stood up and we did the awkward first meeting hug and sat down. The conversation started off with improv, the obvious choice. As this was something we had in common and had a mutual love for. The conversation was easy and while I enjoyed talking to him I just didn’t feel the spark.

After about an hour, the waitress brought the check. I told the waitress to split it because I’d pay for myself. Not a good sign based on my previous blog.

He was a great guy and all but I just wasn’t feeling it. I filled out the receipt and kept talking thinking we were going to leave. Then…. I asked him a very direct question about a previous relationship. He paused, thought about it and answered in a way that blew me away.

The conversation was then pure fire for two more hours. I don’t think I have met a man that was so open and thoughtful about his answers. He clearly was introspective, takes an appropriate amount of accountability, and has a very mature positive outlook on life. I knew that this was a man I wanted in my life now, whether we date or not.

We walked to the car and instead of the awkward hug or high five that I normally give… Easton went in for the kiss. We promised to go out again soon!

The other man that is on my radar is High School Crush guy. I’m telling you guys everytime I talk to him I swoon….Ahh!

We had a conversation a few days ago where we talked about what we were looking for right now in dating.

Let’s just say he and I are looking for two compeletely different things. He may as well said he wanted kale and I wanted donuts.

The thing is our interactions are going to diminish in the next couple of weeks. As a matter of fact they may be limited to messaging, which is almost always one sided. (My side of course)

So while I’m bummed about the “summer vacation” away I’m not going to be mad as I move on. He has been the perfect guy to swoon over but I realize I have to grow out of high school crushes sometime.

I’m ready to get out there and have fun and actually date again. I’m starting with more dates with Easton (of course) but who knows where I’ll end up?

I just know this time I’m taking it slow and steady… After all that’s I’m going to win this race. 😘


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