So Where Exactly are we Going?

Some decisions you make in dating are winners.. some decisions you make you are lucky you didn’t get murdered. We all have things in life that we are not proud of and this date is one of these lessons learned moments…

One night I received a very friendly message from a young (mid-twenties) cutie named Dave*. I immediately thought he was good looking and of course read through and analyzed his profile. He said that was a strong Christian, vegan, who didn’t drink and was looking for his true love. I immediately thought “Oh Hell No!” so I messaged a very nice I’m sorry but you are not for me message. I am not strong in a church (clearly), love meat, love to drink beer, and not sure that any of these characteristics make me his true love. He was very kind back and told me he didn’t mind if I challenged his opinions and that he was looking for someone to grow with so these were not deal breakers for him. So we chatted for a couple of days and exchanged numbers. He texted me everyday and called me at night on the way home from work. He was a little crazy like me. He would sing at the top of his lungs in the car when a good song came on and he had strong opinions but was willing to talk about them. I really enjoyed talking to him but wasn’t sure where it would go.

Dave worked a  mid-shift so most of our time talking was late at night after he got home. So when he asked me on a date I of course said “yes” but after trying to decide on a good time we realized nothing was going to work out in the near future. So I suggested that we do a date during the week after he got home from work, at 2 am. Well he lived an hour away and not many places are open that late so we decided to meet at the Waffle House pretty close to his house.

Now to most people 2 am sounds impossible to stay up for. However, I am a night owl so I was really thinking why not? I’m up and he’s up no biggie..

So I’m getting ready for our date at 11 pm and decide a hoodie and jeans is a good choice for a first date look at the Waffle House for a girl who loves to be comfy!


After an hour drive, I show up to this Waffle House in this very small town off of the highway. Dave was running late from work and was shortly behind.  I talked to him on the phone while in the parking lot. I was  a little nervous while talking (it was a first date after all)and he said “Why are you talking weird? Are you going to talk this fast when you meet me. I will tell you it’s going to get really annoying very quickly,” He was a true gentleman for someone who just drove an hour to see him. Instead of leaving, like I should I have, I decided to go ahead and meet him since I had driven that far. He arrived at the classy establishment the Waffle House and didn’t even bother to really look me in the eyes when I meet him. I took it as either I was tore up ugly or he was tired.

We ordered our light food and chatted while we ate. He would smile here and there, mainly at the waitress, but was overall nice. While talking to him I kept replaying the conversations we had in our head. Remembering how funny and nice he was. We had even did a couple rounds of name that Disney tune in our late night phone conversations!

So, after we ate it had been maybe 25 minutes. I had my other short date experience and didn’t feel like I had given this guy the chance of a connection so I agreed to go back to his place for a movie.

He said he lived about 10 minutes away in an even smaller town than the one that we were in. I agreed to follow him in his car to his apartment. As I’m driving down  dark country roads and my internet is dying I began to think…I really don’t think this is a good idea (I was right)…

So I arrive at his apartment and follow him inside.

How I imagine people would react to this date

He had recently decorated it and it looked well put together. He has photos of his family throughout  and while it reeks of stale cigarette smoke it is an overall nice bachelor pad. He gives me the tour and then I sit down. He puts in a movie so he can go take a shower. The movie he chooses for us to watch is Titanic. You will see why this is fitting.

After he gets out of the shower he sits on the opposite side of the couch and we make REALLY awkward small talk. He burps throughout our conversation loudly and says “Ahhh” afterward. He then tells me he has to go to the bathroom and would be in there a while. Mmmmm k… I mean we did just have Waffle House but dang it he had just a hash brown. He returns after about 15 minutes then tells me “We’re not having any sexy time tonight because I have diarrhea.”

I am not sure what to say back because one I hadn’t planned on having any definition of sexy time and two he was clearly not the guy I wanted sexy time with (a future blog). I just start laughing, laughing and laughing.

So at this point he’s telling me how he loves the movie Titanic and how he bought it on some anniversary of the ship sinking. Just really deep convo for a movie staring Leonard DiCaprio and with a guy that continues to burp throughout the description. I continue to laugh and I can tell it kind of annoys him that I am not as into his Titanic speech as he is. I realize this guy is not for me. I  suffer through the rest of the movie and awkward small talk shortly after the movie ended. I give another one of those ending Jill hugs leave and try to find my way home.

LL – Do not go to a guy’s house on the first date. It will not end well and you could end up in a basement.

*this is not his real name. I changed it because I’m afraid he may try to come after me for another date after reading this wonderful review. 


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